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Raymond's musical aspiration is to captivate the listener's imagination and transport them to a place of child-like wonder and possibility. He draws on his experience as a cinematic composer, orchestrator and conductor to convey stories and images through his music, whether it be through a thoughtful piano melody, an epic orchestral swell, or a haunting electronic sound. Ray's fusion of neoclassical, cinematic and modern electronic music styles transport the listener to an almost dream-like state, where anything is possible.

Raymond's love of music stems from his childhood, where sitting on his grandmother's front porch, listening to his family harmonize and play folk music was his first spark of inspiration. As Ray developed, his discovery of classical and film music further lit the flame of creativity and discovery, which eventually led him to move to Los Angeles, where he worked in the film and television music industry.

Ray's passion for storytelling through music is evident in his ability to create soundscapes that evoke a range of emotions and images, from the vast expanse of a cinematic landscape to the intimate emotions of a personal story. Through his music, he aims to capture the essence of human experience and transport listeners to a world where anything is possible.



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